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Location City Bus Route Times Fare

4th and Lenora (Downtown Seattle)


Sound Transit Route 554(1)

9:48 12:48 2:48 7:11 $2.50
Issaquah Transit Center Issaquah 10:22 1:21 3:23 7:44

King County Metro Route 209

10:32 1:40 3:30(2) 7:54 $2.25
Factory Outlet Stores(3) North Bend 11:23 2:35 4:30(2) 8:43

Bellair Charters Airporter Shuttle(4)(5)

11:45 2:45 5:45 8:45 $17
CWU Starbucks(6) Ellensburg 1:25 4:25 7:25 10:25

Yakima-Ellensburg Commuter

2:15 5:15 (7) (7) $3
Yakima Transit Center (8) Yakima 3:15 6:15 (7) (7)

People for People Yakima-Prosser Connector

4:10 8:40(9) FREE!
Stacey Street Transit Center Prosser 6:03 9:30(9)

Ben Franklin Transit Route 170

6:15(12) $2.25(13)

Knight Street Transit Center(10)(11)

Richland (Tri-Cities)

Monday-Friday. (Schedules change on weekends and/or service may not be available). Total Time = 9 hours and 4 minutes Total Fare = $27 (14)


  1. Service between downtown Seattle and Issaquah is also available by taking Sound Transit route 550 from the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel and transferring at Bellevue Transit Center to routes 555/556 with service to Issaquah Transit Center.
  2. At this time, you will have to pay King County Metro's one-zone peak fare, which is $2.50 (versus the $2.25 off-peak fare.)
  3. Route 209 stops in front of VF Outlet and the Airporter Shuttle stops in front of Pendleton Woolen Mills (facing northwest from the Route 209 stop).
  4. The Airporter Shuttle has service direct from Seattle with stops at Sea-Tac International Airport and King Street Station. If interested in this option instead of boarding in North Bend, visit the Airporter Shuttle website for the full schedule and fare chart.
  5. Be sure to note that a seat on the Airporter Shuttle may not be available without a paid reservation 12 hours in advance (24 hours for those with ADA requirements.) Also note that the bus will not stop in North Bend unless a there is a passenger travelling to/being picked up there.
  6. The Airporter Shuttle stops in front of the CWU Starbucks, while the Yakima-Ellensburg Commuter stop is at the end of E 10th Ave (look for the small traffic circle with the tree in the middle near the Student Union building).
  7. At these times, if you need to get all the way to Yakima, make your Airporter Shuttle reservation to be North Bend to Yakima (cost is only $4 more).
  8. The Yakima-Ellensburg Commuter and the Yakima-Prosser Connector stop on the street on the west side of the transit center, facing the clock tower.
  9. This trip terminates in Zillah. *Does not stop in Prosser.
  10. BFT Rt. 170 serves the Tri-Cities from Knight Street Transit Center in Richland. There are several different options from Knight Street Transit Center to different destinations within the Tri-Cities. You can see more on their website here.
  11. On Saturdays, Rt. 170 leaves Prosser at 10:15/6:15 and arrives at Knight Street TC at 11:15/7:15.
  12. This departure is direct from Prosser to the BFT Bus Barn in the Richland Y area. If you need to continue on to a destination in the Tri-Cities, reserve a ride on Night Service
  13. Standard BFT fare is $1.25. An Add-Fare of $1 is charged for service on Rt. 170 for service past Benton City. Some drivers will enforce this, while some won't.
  14. The total fare will only be $24.75 if you have an ORCA card with an E-Purse.
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