Tri-Cities to Hermiston to Pendleton to La Grande to Baker City/Joseph

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Location City Bus Route Times Fare



Tri-City Trolley

5:05 4:42 FREE!
Hermiston Conference Center Hermiston 6:25 6:00

Hermiston Hopper

6:31 11:41 (2) 6:06 FREE!
Pendleton City Hall Pendleton 7:15 1:01 (2) 6:48

La Grande Arrow

5:15 9:32 4:47 FREE!
La Grande Hub La Grande 6:28 10:58 6:15

Baker Bow

Wallowa Link

8:15(B) 2:00(W) (3) 5:25(B) 8:20(W)(4) $8 (B) (5)

$5 (W)

Baker City/Joseph

Baker City/Joseph 9:08(B) 4:00(W)(3) 6:18(B) 10:20(W)(4)
*Schedules are Monday-Friday only unless otherwise noted. Total Time = 13 hours 13 minutes on Baker Bow or 10 hours 55 minutes on Wallowa Link Total Fare =

$8 (B) or $5(W)


  1. Multiple stops in the Tri-Cities. Timepoints are from the first stop in the Tri-Cities at 22nd Ave Transit Center in Pasco. For the full schedule within the Tri-Cities, see Tri-City Trolley schedule. To see locations of the stops, see Tri-City Trolley map.
  2. Wednesdays Only
  3. Mondays Only
  4. Thursdays Only
  5. The Baker Bow offers a round trip fare for $11 versus paying $8 for the one-way fare.
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